Can your price yourself out of an interview

Can you price yourself out of an interview? Ask a Recruiter

“Have you ever priced yourself out of an interview by asking too much or too little salary?”

This question was posed to our Candidate Experience Coordinators, Abby Chambers and Gabrielle Baird in our latest episode of Q and A with G and A.

Negotiating Salary is an important step in working with recruiters.

Showing transparency and honesty is crucial to securing a role that values you for your experience.

“If you lie, low ball or go too high then you can end up in a sticky situation in which you won’t even be considered for the role.”

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Here’s how our team recommends you handle the tricky salary conversation with your recruiter.

Gabrielle: Can you price yourself out of an interview by asking too much or too little salary? 

Abby: That’s a good question. If the salary isn’t aligned, there are a couple of things that we usually ask. What would the ideal role look like for you to take a salary cut? Because sometimes it does happen! But at the end of the day as well, your salaries isn’t everything but it’s equally important to be valued for your experience level, as well.

If you lie, then you’re going to get caught in a bit of a sticky situation where either you’ve low-balled or you’ve gone over and then you just not even been considered for the role. So that again goes back to just having that transparent conversation. You know, when we talk about our candidates, you know, we’re pretty open about what the salary is, what are the restraints, how high can we go over that? Not usually is the answer that one. 

We’ve had those conversations upfront, but again, I think it’s just been about transparent. If you know it’s the right role and you’re on that money already or you’re just a little bit over, understanding what else will be motivating you is what we are there to do.

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