Closing the Loop on Customer Experience

Our sister company CX LOOP, helps businesses understand the importance of Customer Experience through our 8 stage approach.

We believe that CX is not just about resolving the customer issues; instead, it is about connecting your processes, employees and the customer for optimal service delivery.

Customer Experience is about truly understanding your business services and how every department and service within your organisation plays an integral part in how the customer perceives your business.

Starting your customer experience initiative

Customer Experience is about truly understanding your business services and how every department and service within your organisation plays an integral part in how the customer perceives your business.

Many organisations seek to differentiate through customer experience without a systematic process in place. The first place is getting your senior team’s backing, though getting commitment to a large change programme is not always easy. Different executives have contrasting ideas about what needs to be prioritised and implemented.

True customer experience transformation moves at two speeds and requires creating a portfolio of experience moves. These moves span from fixing processes or touchpoints that are broken in the experience today to making incremental improvements to the existing experiences. This can transform one’s experience in a way beyond today’s expectations to capture new audiences or create new sources of revenue.

At CX Loop, we have developed a unique and bespoke service offering to help you exercise these two speeds that will help you navigate all the complexities of customer experience by creating a clear roadmap for success that delights your customers and achieves bottom-line results.
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CX Strategy

We have the tools, experience and expertise to help you build your Customer Experience strategy and implement it across your business. We can help design a strategy that is both forward-looking and has actionable milestones.
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CX Optimisation

Already have a CX Strategy? Do you review your processes regularly? We can help you review and optimise your existing strategy and processes to ensure that they are relevant for your customers and achievable by the business.
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Maturity Assessment

How Customer-Centric is your business? Our CX Assessment helps you understand where you are on the path to Customer Centricity and what else needs to be done to improve your customers and employees experience further.
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Experience Design

CX LOOP has built a set of integrated tools to help you design the best experiences for your customers. We will align your business goals and strategies with every interaction, ensuring your customers have consistent and positive experiences throughout.
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Analytics & Insights

CX LOOP can provide advice and hands-on expertise to empower your business to turn their customer data into business value. We help you seamlessly connect data from across the business delivering on business strategy and ROI
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As customer expectations on digital channels increase, so does your need to focus on digital transformation. We help you to use your CX program to guide the transformation, rather than just the CX program simply being a part of it.
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Change Management

Change Management aims to help employees embrace and adopt organisational goals into their day-to-day. We help you understand and implement the tools, process, and techniques used to manage the people side of a change initiative to achieve the desired outcome.
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Process Improvement

The need for ongoing improvement in customer experience means that your processes need to be managed effectively, or they will fail to deliver what the customer wants. We help you to adopt a framework that suits your organisation and will deliver continuous improvement.

Why Choose Us?

At CX LOOP, our focus is not just on winning over the customer but showing customers the path that leads them to value. Our team has the necessary experience and skills to manage stakeholder relationships and create a culture of customer-first mentality.

Over the years, we have developed high-impact CX programmes to drive business growth and profits. Since every stage in the lifecycle from prospect to a renewing customer is a journey in itself, you can always find us supporting you with our expertise.

Our team have proven capability in helping our clients to:?
CX LOOP can optimise your services, perfect your approach to align with future needs, reduce your cost to serve, and establish a customer strategy program that drives growth.


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