We're more than just
'Melbourne Recruiters'.

Henry Ford once said

Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress and working together is a success.

With almost three decades of combined global experience across strategic Sales, Marketing, Project Management, Customer Experience (CX) and Executive Recruitment, Frazer Tremble Executive truly exemplifies this quote, as Laura Frazer and Brendan Tremble join creative forces.

Frazer Tremble Executive is a full-service talent consultancy focused on taking your business to the next level across Customer, People, Process and Technology Transformation. We’re not just your average Melbourne Recruitment agency! 

We aim to close the talent loop by helping our clients hire, train and retain their talent. Specialising in recruitment across Project Services, Process Improvement, Customer Experience (CX), Digital and Business Transformation. With additional expertise in Customer Experience (CX) Consulting services and Training & Development partnerships.



Be Wow.

Exceeding customer expectations, always.

Embrace Humility.

Demonstrating compassion, gratitude and empowering others.

Act with Authenticity.

Embracing your true self, fostering genuine connections, and inspiring others to do the same.

Lead with Transparency.

Nurturing a culture of open and honest communication, fostering trust and collaboration. 

Growth Matters.

Embrace continuous learning, curiosity, and innovation.

Champions Do More.

Taking ownership, going beyond and overcoming obstacles with grit to achieve remarkable results.


Looking for


Looking for

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