Frazer Tremble Voice of the Customer Recruiting Model

Benefits of a Candidate-Centric Recruiting Model

How Frazer Tremble Creates a Candidate Centric recruiting Model

At Frazer Tremble we are carried by a customer centric curiosity. We are always looking to continually improve the experience of our clients and candidates.

With this goal in mind we undertook our voice of the candidate project. The aim was to put ourselves in the shoes of our candidates as they go through the hiring process. Using interviews and surveys we were able to gauge their expectations and preferences.

The outcomes from our research will guide us to better match our candidates expectations and create a more complete recruitment experience for them. As well as building the reputation of the Frazer tremble brand and setting an example of an ideal candidate centric recruiting model.

How we collected our data.

For our Voice of the Candidate report we reached out to a total of 643 people via email to participate in the online survey . We also conducted 8 over-the-phone surveys.

The list was comprised of a mix of candidates ranging from those who had previously accepted a job offer through Frazer Tremble to those whom had never worked with Frazer Tremble at all.

A graph detailing which candidates interviewed have worked with Frazer tremble. Customer Centric Recruitment

What does a candidate value?

Frazer tremble is an executive recruitment and consulting agency, so our candidates are generally highly skilled and highly specialised. What they value from a new role could be considered as a good temperature gauge on the expectations of Australian professionals.

Interestingly, candidates revealed that information regarding company culture was considered more important than any other information. Eclipsing even salary.

A visual representation of the information which candidates value the most from recruiters. Candidate Centric Recruitment

This was also reflected in their responses when it came to ranking what they value about a new role. Professional development far outweighed salary.

What do candiates value the most when looking for new opportunities? Candidate Centric Recruitment

We also discovered some interesting insights into candidate motivation. According to our data, the fact that an agency may have exclusive access to a role was a big motivator for candidates to engage with the agency.

An infographic which describes candidate responses to exclusive roles.

Candidates also revealed that when it came to new roles, they were being contacted with a high frequency. This is at odds as to how they would actually like to be approached.  Monthly communication was the preferred frequency of our interviewed candidates.

How often do candidates want to be approached by recruiters

How often do candidates want to be contacted.

Taking a step back.

The benefit of a VOC survey is that it allows you to get a clear picture of your organisation’s reputation without it being tainted by the subjective view of people within the organisation.

It was positive to see some of our company values reflected back at us when it came to words associated with Frazer Tremble. A real sign that we practice what we preach.

What words do clienst associate with Frazer Tremble

Overall the candidates rated us at a 8.67 out of 10. A good score given that the majority of candidates surveyed didn’t secure a role through us. However, we always strive for improvement.

We noticed three areas in which could improve. Specifically, candidates outlined that they could benefit from further contact after the hiring process.

To address this point we have created a monthly newsletter which provides candidates with a space to be notified of our latest roles, career advice, hints and tips at a frequency which suits them. you can sign up to the newsletter in the form below.

What can be improved

Overall, we were really happy to see that our candidates have had an overwhelmingly positive experience with Frazer Tremble. We’ll leave you with our most telling insight of all. 97% of our respondents would choose to recruit with Frazer Tremble.

And you better believe we are gunning to convince that other 3% too.

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