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At Frazer Tremble, we specialise in Melbourne tech recruitment, finding incredible talent to make your life easier. Our commitment to diversity, equality, and inclusion (DE&I) aligns with our clients’ values, forging powerful partnerships.

Building Strong Client Relationships

We foster strong client relationships through in-depth interviews and a deep understanding of our client’s culture. This personalised approach ensures we match the right tech talent to your business needs.

Streamlined Hiring Process

Our streamlined hiring process in Melbourne tech recruitment has resulted in:

  • 70% Faster Hiring: Our process is 70% faster than industry standards.
  • 97.6% Fill Rates: We achieve a remarkable 97.6% fill rate.
  • 95% Retention Rate: Our placements have a 95% retention rate.

Why Choose Frazer Tremble for Melbourne Tech Recruitment?

Frazer Tremble is dedicated to providing exceptional Melbourne tech recruitment services. We ensure you gain a competitive edge by delivering top-tier tech talent, efficiently and effectively. Partner with us to experience the benefits of working with a recruitment agency that truly understands the Melbourne tech landscape.

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Our Future Fit Method.

At Frazer Tremble, our Future Fit Method sets us apart, ensuring that we hire for the anniversary date, not the start date.

We act as an extension of our clients’ businesses by fostering exclusive relationships.

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Collaborating closely with clients, we gain insights into their strategic goals, creating a tailored talent roadmap aligned with their business objectives.

Utilising our vast network and video technology to identify top talent with precision. We achieve a remarkable 76% success rate in engaging passive and hard-to-reach candidates.

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Our specialised interview techniques assess cultural fit, values, and vision, promoting seamless integration within clients’ organisations. Emphasising D&I, our in-depth interviews minimise unconscious bias.

Our approach prioritises exceptional candidate experience, offering personalised attention, transparent communication, and genuine support. With 130+ 5-star testimonials, we deliver outstanding results for our clients.

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Our branded online video tool offers real-time visibility into candidate interviews, streamlining recruitment by 50% and achieving 100% satisfaction with efficient hiring decisions.

Dedicated to exceptional results, we achieve a 97.6% fill rate and 95.65% retention past 12 months, securing top talent for transformative growth and long-term success.

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Our Recruitment Services.

Customer Experience & Digital

Customer Experience & Digital

- Chief Customer Officer
- Head of Customer Experience (CX)
- Customer Experience (CX) Program lead
- Customer Experience (CX) Insights
- Service Design
- UX
- Deployment & Integration Lead

Project Services & Business Transformation

Project Services

- Program/Project Directors
- Program/Project Managers
- EPMO Managers
- Robotics/AIPortfolio/ PMO Managers
- Business Analysts
- Project/Program/PMO Coordinator
- Agile Coach & Scrum

Technology, Data and Analytics

Technology, Data and Analytics

- Software Engineer
- Data Analyst
- Business Intelligence
- Quality Assurance
- Dev Ops
- Networking
- Support Desk
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Meet the Team.

Laura Frazer
Laura's key areas of expertise sit within the roles: CX, Process Improvement & Business Transformation.
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Tighearnan's key areas of expertise sit within the roles: Software, Data & Analytics.


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