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Finding, engaging, securing, and retaining talent in a competitive market is becoming increasingly difficult. At Frazer Tremble, we are here to help.

We focus on following a highly personalised, relationship-based approach to recruitment and consulting. Customer Experience (CX) underpins everything we do. We also use the latest AI and video technology to help our clients shorten their hiring process by up to 70%, improve cultural alignment, reduce bias, and increase diversity and inclusion.

We partner exclusively with forward-thinking, innovative companies, from local government to large-scale corporations and entrepreneurial start-ups, to help them create a competitive edge.

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Who We Recruit?

We specialise in transforming customer experience, people management, process optimisation, and technology integration.

Our expertise lies in building efficient and practical teams that meet your requirements for success. Trust us to deliver exceptional results through effective teamwork and streamlined processes.


Recruiter sitting at a table across from Candidate. Talking to a recruiter is great for researching an organisation before joining them.


Our founders, Brendan and Laura, bring more than three decades of experience to the table. Over the course of their professional careers, they have gained deep expertise across Executive Recruitment, Sales, Marketing, CX and Customer Success.

Our highly experienced consultants possess knowledge of various industries, from ASX listed entities, large-mid size corporates, early- mid-stage start-ups, and much more.


Frazer Tremble specialises in recruiting top talent through effective networks, market intelligence, and expert recruitment strategies.

We excel in driving customer, people, process, and technology change, helping clients bridge knowledge and skill gaps. Trust us to find the right talent for your organisation’s success. 

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Frazer Tremble proudly supports The Smith Family, a national children’s charity, by donating on behalf of its clients.

Together, we empower disadvantaged Australians through educational opportunities for a brighter future. Join us in making a difference.

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