Hiring Manager’s guide to interview body language.

Hiring managers guide to interview body language

When hiring for a new role, first impressions are everything. When we meet someone for the first time we make snap judgements about their assertiveness, friendliness, and appearance. Some of these judgements could be attributed to unconscious bias. But it is more likely that your mind is subconsciously picking up on the other person’s body … Read more

Building a Better Workplace: The Power of Diverse Perspectives in Leadership

A group of diverse people is using digital devices (Leadership)

Australia is diverse, but what about its leaders? Australia’s work force is incredibly diverse, but it needs more diverse perspectives in leadership. In 2011, 46% of Australia’s population of 21.5 million were born overseas or had at least one overseas-born parent. This diversity is reflected in the workforce, with 13% being born in non-English speaking … Read more

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