Hiring Manager’s guide to interview body language.

Hiring managers guide to interview body language

When hiring for a new role, first impressions are everything. When we meet someone for the first time we make snap judgements about their assertiveness, friendliness, and appearance. Some of these judgements could be attributed to unconscious bias. But it is more likely that your mind is subconsciously picking up on the other person’s body … Read more

“Start hiring now” – Businesses facing $9B cybersecurity requirements

Write a job description which attracts

The Federal Government has flagged changes to the country’s cybersecurity agenda following a string of disastrous high profile data breaches at Medibank and Optus. The new changes to cybersecurity laws aim to address the failings of current acts which do not adequately cover how to respond and deal with data breaches. The new federal approach … Read more

How Chat GPT can help your job search

ChatGPT Job Search

If you’ve been anywhere near Linkedin lately you would’ve seen enough coverage of ChatGPT to last you a lifetime. But did you know that ChatGPT can assist you in your job search? Love it or hate it, the AI chat bot from OpenAI is seriously impressive and it’s ease of use has meant that it’s … Read more

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