Implementing Voice of Customer (VoC) in Your Recruitment Process

Many large and small companies do not take the time to talk to customers directly. Here at Frazer Tremble, we don’t just recruit in Customer Experience (CX); it’s woven into our DNA. We understand how critical Voice of the Customer (VoC) is in helping businesses realise who they are selling to and what they expect.

What is the Voice of Customer (VoC)

The Voice of Customer (VoC) process is a market research technique that seeks to capture customers’ expectations, likes, and dislikes. As a result, it helps businesses hone their service into something customers genuinely want. However, it’s more than just collecting data; VoC focuses on understanding it.

We recently accepted that surveys alone would not be enough for ongoing experience improvement as one of the new four trends in 2022. But, on the other hand, surveys are far from “dead.”

Further accumulating all the other VoC examples (interviews, website behaviour, email, live chat, social media & online reviews), we decided to put our own business to the test by interviewing our clients directly.

What was the initial idea?

At Frazer Tremble Executive, we aim to close the talent loop by helping our clients hire, train, and retain their talent. In addition, our VoC program was an initiative to deliver a seamless recruitment experience tailored to our client’s needs and preferences.

Moreover everybody knows that matching the customer’s expectations by finding a qualified candidate that fits well within their team is vital.

But we wanted to go the extra mile and continue to elevate our service by understanding all the details that make a recruitment experience go from good to great.

Because of that, we enlisted the services of CX Loop Counsalting to interview past Frazer Tremble clients and other professionals in leadership positions to identify their needs, likes and dislikes concerning recruitment.

What did the survey concept look like?

Participants in the research were asked the following questions:
In addition, we were interested in:

What are the results of the research?

We could hear some of the usual answers regarding the recruitment process during the interviews. But, on the other hand, some answers positively surprised us.

The most significant result of the research was the opportunity to get inspiring answers and ideas on how to proceed.

Let’s go in order.

What key factors make you choose the right recruiter?

We offered six different factors to determine what companies are guided by when choosing a recruiter.

We found that all companies, 100% of them said that the Speciality area is the first or second most important factor. However, 78% of people categorised Reputation as one of the other top two factors.

Which words resonate with you when you think of Frazer Tremble?

We were flattered but not surprised when we realised that the word that most often connects respondents to FT is Honest; in short, more than 50% of people answered like that.
Among the most mentioned words were:
Above all, the other words that participants associated with Frazer Tremble Executive were dedicated, capable, trustworthy, enthusiastic, and understanding.

What do clients like about working with a recruiter?

So, it should come as no surprise that when asked what is important to them in working with a recruiter, they said that the most important thing for them is Honesty, Transparency, Reliability, and having a consultant that knows the current trends.
Companies also expect additional seven points when they work with a recruiter:
Frazer Tremble | Screenshot 84 new

What must recruiters avoid?

On the other hand, there are nine points that recruiters must avoid:

What elevates companies’ experience apart from finding the right candidate?

One of the questions that particularly interested us was what elevates our participants’ experience apart from finding the right candidate.
We cannot say that the answers surprised us:

How about the innovation of the recruitment process?

Without giving away too much about our “secret sauce” here at Frazer Tremble, we were interested in whether our respondents had already used our video technology platform and their opinion about this tool in the recruitment process.

Of the clients who have used it in the past, 100% agreed that the video tool was a great addition to the process. It helped them streamline the shortlisting process, increasing diversity, inclusion, and cultural alignment whilst equally being able to run a rigorous program but fast recruitment process.

How to stay in contact?

How often do our clients want to hear from Frazer Tremble Executive regarding market insights, webinars, and events?

The survey results showed that 57% chose monthly communication, 29% quarterly, and 14% needed weekly information.

Check out our new Monthly Newsletter #TransformingFutures that we are launching off the back of these insights.

Where too from here?

Our VoC program helped us truly capture how our customers feel about our business, product, and services, giving us the insights to help us create a more holistic customer experience.

Indeed, our next step is to implement and act on these insights to improve the areas driving the most significant change and build out our next VoC program directed toward our candidates.

What to run your own Voice of Customer (VoC) program?

Speak to Principle Consultant Brendan Tremble and his talented team at CX loop at;

[email protected]

1300 846 246


And If you need help redefining your hiring practices, sourcing quality candidates across Project Service, Process Improvement, Customer Experience, Digital, IT or Business Transformation, we’re here to help.

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