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What questions to ask in a job interview? – Tips from a Recruiter.

Wondering what questions to ask in a job interview? We’ve got you covered.

The best way to engage with a potential employer during a job interview is by asking questions.

Managing director at Frazer Tremble Executive, Laura Frazer had this to say about asking questions in a job interview.

I cannot stress enough the importance of candidates asking impactful and thoughtful questions at the end of the interview. It can leave a lasting impression long after the interview is over.

The benefits of asking questions in a job interview include;

  • Demonstrating to your potential Employer that you are interested and prepared.
  • Allowing you to gain further insight into the workplace culture.
  • Builds further rapport with the interviewer to help you stand out from other candidates.
  • Gives you a final chance to highlight your relevant qualities and experience before the interview ends.

Before going into your next interview we recommend having at least four or five questions in mind which you can ask when given the chance. By having a list of questions prepared you will also have plenty of back up questions in the event that of all your questions were answered during the interview.

Try to avoid asking questions which focus on what the organisation can do for you until you have a job offer. Eg. Questions about salary and holiday allowances.

Laura has conducted thousands of interviews throughout her career in recruitment, placing thousands of candidates into their dream roles. Today she will share some of her favourite questions to ask during a job interview.

Can you walk me through a typical day in the life of this role?

Asking this question allows you to learn as much about the role as possible. The interviewer’s response will highlight which skills and experience you will need and also decide whether this role is within your capabilities or interests.

It will also provide an insight into employer expectations so there will be no surprises when you start, if you’re offered the job.

Questions to ask during a job interview. Green Background. White text. Frazer tremble Logo. "Can you walk me through a typical day in the life of this role?"
This question can potentially tell you everything you need to know about a job.

Why did you join this company and what has kept you here?

This question allows you to turn the tables in the interview and give the interviewer a chance to talk about themselves. This can be great for building camaraderie with your interviewer.

The answer to this question will also give you an insiders view of the culture and working environment of the company.  Depending on how detailed their answer is the interviewer may even share how they got their start in the business and how they progressed.

Questions to ask during job interviews. "Why did you join this company and what has kept you here?" Green background white text.
This question can give you an insider’s view of the organisation.

How did (recent news about the company) impact the culture here?

This questions requires some research before hand but it can really show that you are willing to put in the work to get the job.
It doesn’t necessarily need to focus on culture but really any external event which has impacted the company. The more specific the better.

Check out their website for blog posts or their social media to find a specific example to use.

Questions to ask in a job interview. "How did (recent news about the company) impact the culture here? Green background. White Text.
This is a really good way to show you have done the research prior to your interview.

Where do you see the company in five years?

The answer to this will give you an insight into the company’s progression plans and its place in the market. This will grant you a general idea about job security as well as any major upcoming projects.

Asking about future plans shows a real interest in the organisation

Questions to ask during a job interview. "Where do you see thed company in five years?" Green background white text.
Asking questions about the company’s future demonstrates that you have a real interest in the organisation.

Has anything come up to make you think I am not suitable for the role?

This is a gutsy question to ask but it can help you to put any unknown questions or worries to rest.

If they have no issues then that’s great and it should give you confidence of your chance of heading to the next stage.

If they have flagged some things then it is an opportunity for you to address them early in the process. Some issues may come down to a misunderstanding which could easily be resolved by raising the issue. Or it can provide you with a chance to reassure the interviewer that it will not impact your ability to be a successful worker at the company.

Questions to ask during a job interview. "Has anything come up to make you think I am not suitable for the role?" Green text, white background.

How long did the previous person in the role hold this position?”

A high turnover rate is a pretty clear indicator that something is not right at the company. It could be a horrible manager, unrealistic expectations or something else that is likely to make you miserable too. If it’s just one person who quickly left it’s not exactly a red flag, but a pattern of quick departures is a cause for concern.

A good follow up question could be to ask your interviewer what they think led to the high turnover. Their answer will speak volumes about themselves and the way which they treat their employee.

Questions to ask in a job interview. " How long did the previous person in the role hold this position.
This is a very important question to ask. High turnover is a clear sign of poor management.

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