How Chat GPT can help your job search

If you’ve been anywhere near Linkedin lately you would’ve seen enough coverage of ChatGPT to last you a lifetime. But did you know that ChatGPT can assist you in your job search?

Love it or hate it, the AI chat bot from OpenAI is seriously impressive and it’s ease of use has meant that it’s been adopted by professionals in droves.

Everyone from marketers to recruiters are using this tool to save time and optimise their work.

You may have read a social media post that was written by ChatGPT or maybe your boss sent you an email drafted by the AI, there is honestly very little way of knowing what is original and what is an AI recreation these days.

Of course this raises major questions about the application of AI and the ethics surrounding its use but we will unpack that another time.

Instead of talking about how AI could be taking jobs, let’s talk about how ChatGPT could help you to get a job.

Open AI logo on a gradient background with the silohouette of a person with a phone.

Chat GPT is designed to provide human-like text in response to prompts using information fed to it by a large dataset. Sounds simple right?

Essentially you ask it a question and ChatGPT scans through all the possible answers. It compiles the best possible combination and then presents it back to you in the form of a single answer. It’s like google but with only one search result.

Here are 5 ways ChatGPT can help your job search.

1. ChatGPT can proofread your resume

ChatGPT has wide ranging applications as a reviewing tool. Simply ask ChatGPT to proof read your resume and it will highlight any errors and suggest alternatives.

Not only that, ChatGPT also has the ability to re-write your resume. A top tip for finding a job is always tailoring your resume to your target audience and this can be tedious if you are applying to multiple places with differing cultures and ethos.

One tone of voice may appeal to a creative studio and yet may be inappropriate for an organisation in professional services.

You could ask ChatGPT to rewrite a paragraph in a more formal or informal way. Or to make your writing more concise or even to sound more friendly!


ChatGPT Interface answering a question about steve jobs.
You really could say Steve Jobs was a tech pro.

2. ChatGPT can help you find alternative roles to your current one.

Your role will generally have plenty of transferrable skills relevant to other job titles. However you be unaware what these other job titles are.

Simply ask ChatGPT to list some Job titles which are adjacent to your current role and you will receive a number of alternative roles which may have never even considered applying to.

The ChatGPT AI chatbot listing some roles adjacent to a project manager. chatGPT Job search prompts to try

3. ChatGPT can help you to prepare for your interview.

Interviews are stressful. This isn’t new.

One of the main causes for this kind of stress can be the anxiety of not knowing which questions you could be asked in the interview.

Well with ChatGPT you can simply ask it to prepare some example interview questions for you to try.

You can ask for general interview questions, or make them specific to the role which you are applying for.

You could also ask for behavioural questions or questions for a specific industry. There is really no limit to how specific the questions could be.

If you’re still stressed about your interview You could even ask ChatGPT for advice on how to stay calm during interviews or even tips on how to present in a confident manner.

The ChatGPT Chatbot listing some interview questions for a project management role. Chatgpt Job search prompts

4. ChatGPT can give you templates for your Cover Letter.

I’m not saying that we should begin using AI in our correspondence with other humans but as a tool ChatGPT can be very useful at giving you the basics when you don’t know where to begin.

Cover Letters can be a tedious task, they need to be specific to each organisation which you are applying to. A good template can provide a reliable structure for your cover letter strategy going forward and will save you from needing to start from scratch each time.

Here’s an example which I generated previously. it’s quite basic and straight to the point but by adding some of your own personality to it you are well on your way to getting a call back for an interview.

ChatGPT Job Search Prompts to try. Cover Letter Template example.
For some reason this one generated as a HTMl plain text, you never know what you’ll get with ChatGPT!

5.  Other AI tools you can use to assist your job search.

ChatGPT is not the only AI tool in the game. 2023 is shaping up to be the year that AI truly becomes a staple tool for the average professional and there are so many options out there at the moment.

Here are some other options worth trying.

Use AI to perfect your LinkedIn profile with Resume Worded.

If you’re in the recruitment game you already know how important linkedin is for building your personal brand and career.

An unoptimised profile will be harder for recruiters or businesses to find.

This tool analyses your profile and gives you in-depth advice on how to improve your profile to gain more opportunities via LinkedIn.


Screenshot from resumeworded.com showing a linkedin page review
Resume Worded can offer you suggestions where you can improve your Linkedin page (Source: Resume Worded)

Fairer job opportunities with Linkedin

Most job search engines already utilise a degree of Artificial Intelligence to generate results for their users. Unintended bias which often prevails in Ai generated lists. The LinkedIn job matching algorithm is designed to combat this.

For example, men are more likely to apply for jobs beyond their qualifications, whereas women tend to pursue jobs that directly match the requirements. To address the issue, a new algorithm was developed to counteract recommendations skewed toward a particular group, resulting in a better distribution of users across gender. To learn more about unconscious bias you can read our unconscious bias white paper here.

Linkedin Job Search screenshot. chatGPT job search.

Ultimately Artificial Intelligence is here to assist workers, not replace them. Learning to utilise to artificial intelligence tools will be a crucial skill for the modern worker in any industry. The launch of the graphic design tool Canva stoked fears that it would cause graphic designers to be made redundant. But they are still relevant with many utilising Canva as another tool in their skillset. The same goes for AI tools.

It can elevate good workers. not replace them.


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